Asociación para la Promoción del Arte Español y el Intercambio Cultural

Association for the Support os Spanish Art and Cultural Exchange SpainArt

The idea of creating a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of Spanish art abroad comes as a response to the numerous complaints made by artists regarding the general lack of opportunities to exhibit their work outside Spain. This activity joins other known public and private organizations that enable Spanish contemporary art to be known beyond Spain’s borders. Our work fosters the interrelation of the creative world and different institutions which have competence in cultural fields, such as supranational institutions, national governments, regional councils, municipalities, as well as all associations which develop similar activities. Association for the Support of Spanish Art and Cultural Exchange SpainArt is at your service in everything related to the promotion of art, Spanish artists abroad and activities aimed at enhancing cultural exchange. We are opening trade channels with other countries that will enhance the knowledge of Spanish art beyond our borders from this initiative. Regarding the projects, Association for the Support of Spanish Art and Cultural Exchange SpainArt will place special emphasis on the areas of contemporary art, which, according to its judgment, should require special attention. In addition, we collaborate with the Spanish diplomatic and consular representations in the countries concerned. Last but not least, we also organize and promote educational courses related to the world of art and cultural management.

Association for the Promotion of the Spanish Art and the Cultural Exchange SpainArt is registered in the National Register of Associations: Group: 1 / Section: 1 / National Number: 588184.