Asociación para la Promoción del Arte Español y el Intercambio Cultural


This Diploma Course was created to fill an area which is lacking in   teachings. Not surprisingly its purpose is to provide additional training to those who works in the field of culture and art and that, for various reasons, require knowledge and tools for the management and development of companies in this sector. This Expert course is designed with the utmost rigor and is an educational innovation which allows to train in management those working in the field of culture and art. Particularly, it may be of interest to managers of small businesses and professionals linked to the production processes, the organization of the human resources, marketing and financing of a wide and diverse business opportunity. This is the case, for example, of the directors of the museums and art halls, theatres, cinemas, leisure centers initiatives of a high cultural component. Likewise, it seeks to provide basic concepts of administration to painters, writers, musicians, architects, sculptors, filmmakers and dancers, among others. Similarly, aims to help develop the skills of craftsmen, folklorists and, in general, those related to the world of tourism, leisure and cultural recreation. Finally, given its humanistic character, academic and scientific expected to meet the needs of those who seek to learn and grow as scholars in the field.


The objectives of the content to be covered are:

  • Ensure that the student proficient in the necessary skills associated with different areas of business administration in general and the main points regarding management in the artistic and cultural fields, particularly from learning how to integrate key concepts, tools and methodologies of applied economical and business organization.
  • To provide students with the skills and abilities to analyze and evaluate the economic and social environment, both in general and, more importantly, the direct area they are dealing with. This way, they will be able to adapt their management capacity with the keys provided regarding to design, implement and monitor different strategies in their businesses.

  • To ensure that the students develop a critical capacity, enabling them to discern and make decisions concerning their management area. Ultimately, the Expert will make his main aim that of forming human resources with skills and expertise regarding the management of enterprises in the cultural and artistic fields, contributing to the expansion of experiences and initiatives in these fields, and also to promote theoretical and practical research which will allow the politics and strategies related to these fields.

Non-attendance (Educational Platform).

It consists mainly of titled doctors who are associated to ULPGC, as well as professors from other Spanish Universities who are experts in the field.

·         Dr. Francisca R. Álamo Vera

·         Dr. Yasmina Araujo Cabrera

·         Dr. Alicia Bolívar Cruz

·         B.S. Sergio Fuente Requejo

·         B.S.. Francisco Galante Gómez

·         Dr. Desiderio García Almeida

·         Dr. Antonia García Cabrera

·         Dr. Pablo Gutiérrez Rodríguez

·         B.S. José Guerreira Velicia

·         Dr. Esther Hormiga Pérez

·         Dr. Carmelo León González

·         B.S. Marta Mariño Casillas

·         B.S. Fernando Maseda García

·         Dr. Víctor Padrón Robaina

·         Dr. José Ruíz Navarro

·         Dr. Petra de Saá Pérez

·         Dr. Agustín Sánchez Medina

·         B.S.. Andrés Tosal Peláez

·         Dr. José Luis Vázquez Burguete

·         Dr. Domingo Verano Tacoronte

·         B.S. Pedro Zamorano Palacio


·         Culture and Society: cultural action contexts

·         Particularities of the sector in the Canaries

·         Specialties and businesses in the cultural sector

·         Cultural Economy and Cultural Marketing

·         Companies organization

·         Guidelines for strategic business management

·         Accounting Concepts

·         Human resources management

·         Information systems for management

·         Control Management

·         Insights and concepts of the applied marketing

·         Market research techniques

·         Financial management of the activity

·         Management skills

·         Analysis of the viability of new businesses

·         Management innovation

·         Management quality

·         Design and evaluation of cultural projects

·         Management of temporary exhibitions

·         Final Draft


Dr. Gonzalo Díaz Meneses, Dra. Rosa Batista Canino

Dra. Esther Hormiga Pérez, Marcela Tosal

Inscription October 2007
Matriculation December 2007
Classes begin in January 2008
Classes end by May 2008

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Economics and Management Department
Module C, Room 115
Tafira Campus 35017


Telf.: (928) 458117(928) 458117, 8647, 8686;;