Asociación para la Promoción del Arte Español y el Intercambio Cultural


Tenerife 28/10/2016 - 30/04/2017

Oscar Dominguez was one of the Spanish residents in Paris that participated in the first international exhibition held after World War II at the Manes Gallery (Prague) in 1946. From this moment on, Oscar Dominguez visited Czechoslovakia on several occasions and also welcomed Czechoslovak friends in his studio in Paris.  It was a happy and prosperous period for the artist because his work enjoyed great success, as the artist confirmed in a letter to his wife Maud. The exhibition includes works of Oscar Dominguez belonging to several Czech and Slovak museums, galleries and private collections, created between 1946 - 1948, the year in which the Communist Party came to power through a coup.  This lead to a major change in the lives of the Czechoslovakians and Oscar Dominguez´s life too, as he would not visit that country again.

Curators: Isidro Hernández Gutiérrez and Pavel Štěpánek